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linings that extend the life of your containment tank.

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DAKK Manufacturing

Industrial Tank Liner Services

DAKK Manufacturing is centrally located in Shawnee, Oklahoma. We are veteran-owned, and our products are made in the USA. Our team of professionals can assist you in designing corrosion-resistant linings that extend the life of your containment tank.

We specialize in professional tank containment services nationwide, including tank liner installation, inspections, patching and repairs, tank liner cleaning, as well as tank retro-fits for liner installations.

Our fabrication services include custom built and installation of PVC liners, which are mainly for bulk liquid storage tanks.

DAKK utilizes high-performance, industrial tank liners that are corrosive-resistant.

Chemical Tank Liners

Our industrial chemical tank liners are available for a wide range of tank shapes and sizes, including metal and fiberglass. We utilize durable tank lining products that help prevent leaks and corrosion. Not only will our industrial liners protect your tanks, but they will also ensure that the environment is protected as well.

Water Tank Liners

We offer potable water materials that meet NSF 61 standards that not only secure the containment, but also provide years of durability. Our water tank liners provide a cost-effective solution for repairing older water tanks, whether you have a small tank, or industrial sized tank, we can provide the services from start to finish.

Plating Liners

Utilizing the highest quality of materials, our professional plating liners help withstand not only the elements but withstand time. Our plating liners safely contain chemicals in a wide range of temperatures and products.

We offer an extensive line of innovative products and solutions. We work with our customers individually to achieve their goals, with the ability to work directly with your company to ensure that your tank liners fit correctly and will remain leakproof for years to come.

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The DAKK Manufacturing Team

Are you struggling with best management practices? Have you been searching for a containment company you can trust? Are you tired of corrosion inside your tank?


After several years tanks are prone to leaks. These leaks can cause costly clean ups, piles of paperwork, phone calls, and lots of your time.


Did you know that our liners and containments protect against corrosion, leaks and spills?

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Our mission is to provide innovative containment solutions for bulk liquid storage tanks for agricultural retailers throughout the U.S.

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We lead the way with EXCELLENCE by developing great teams who love their work, so our clients can have the best product available.


At DAKK integrity means showing up and choosing the hard right over the easy wrong. We do this by all team members showing ownership at every level.


Our commitment to the industry is through developing great teams to see the job through from the shop floor to tank.